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Started by trav, Sep 06, 2018, 11:38 pm

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I know some people on here are houndmouth fans like myself so I wanted to see what some of you folks thought. I've been a fan since their first album and with them being from new Albany Indiana and myself from Louisville, I love to see them do well.

Anyway, when they released this newest album in August, I'd listened to a few songs that were released before the full album came out. I liked them but noticed the obvious change in their sound. I listened to each song a couple times and again, I liked it but didn't love it. I saw tons of people crush them on Facebook and Twitter that didn't like the change in their sound with the obvious  new direction without Katie Toupin.

Well, I listened to the full album all the way through a week or two ago and I'm addicted to it. Strange love is amazing and changes sounds midway through the song. Coast to coast is decent. Then black jaguar is next and to me, is absolutely amazing. I love it. Then young again is another decent song that slows down but is perfectly placed on the album. Modern love is the second to last song and is easy to listen to and then they finish it off with world leader. This song again starts off one way and then finishes with a completely different tone and easy listening to vibe around the last 1:20. I bet live, this song is absolutely kick ass!

So who else loves the album? Hates the album? Hasn't listened to it? Curious to see what you guys think!


I too have been a huge fan of the first two albums, got to see them twice with Katie, and once this year without her.

The most recent show this year in dallas was before their new album had been released or any singles i believe so i was hearing the new songs played for the first time for me and i actually really enjoyed them.

However, after listening to the new album a couple of times it was like my brain was split. If they had changed their name i think i would've liked this album more haha. It's catchy and enjoyable it's just not Houndmouth. if that makes sense. So yes i think the album is decent, not great, but i would love to have another "Houndmouth" album.


new album doesn't do much for me.  sounds better live so i'll see them at acl.


Believe me, I completely get the people that don't like the new stuff as much. Part of what made houndmouth really cool was their uniqueness. Their sound to me just had some personality to it that wasn't very common. Their sound now went into a different direction, so yeah, they're going to lose a few fans because of it. But I just happen to really like the new sound as well.

To the above poster, I completely 100% agree, if they had changed their name, my brain probably would have accepted it better. But after a little head scratching, I gave it another chance and love it. Again, I know some won't like it as much because their original sound was what brought most to love them in the first place. So losing that sound will lose people who loved it. But after hearing a couple of Katie Toupins songs on her solo stuff, I think she carried more of the personality of the original houndmouth than what I thought. Her songs sound similar to the old stuff and maybe her leaving changed a lot more in their music than just a few verses. Could have changed their entire dynamic, but luckily for me, I like the new houndmouth as well. Definitely some talented musicians.


Quote from: Cameron on Sep 07, 2018, 11:25 am
new album doesn't do much for me.  sounds better live so i'll see them at acl.
Agreed.  Not a fan of their new direction at all...