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Title: Jim 2002-01-23 Compliments of LowDog on Archive
Post by: Kory on Nov 07, 2006, 04:27 pm
This one is from Lowdog again... thanks brother!
His love took him all the way to Indiana for this one...

Sweatboard got it from him earlier this year sometime and posted it up on the etree bit torrent site.

Props to both of you, respect!

Jim James
Bears Palace
Bloomington, IN.

Source: Mini Disc
Recorded By: George Savage
Transfered By: Brian Meccia

O1. Steam Engine
02. Never Tear Us Apart (INXS Cover)
03. Just Because I Do
04. Hopefully
05. Lowdown
06. Peaceful Easy Feeling (Eagles Cover)
07. The Way That He Sings
08. The Bear
09. At Dawn
10. I Will Be There When You Die
11. Bermuda Highway
12. Xmas Curtain


From George Savage

Jim James - Bear's - Bloomington, IN - January 23, 2002
1/22/06 - when I offered it up two years ago on the anniversary, I wrote this:  
 If you already have it, I'd suggest you pull it out and play it!
I've told him before and I truly believe this: it's an all-timer....I'd put it up there with any Jeff Tweedy/Jay Farrar/Brent Best show I've heard and that's high praise from me. I've even compared it to my favorite all-time solo Neil Young show (London, 2/27/71) - there was a magic in the air that night...Jim had the entire audience in the palm of his hand...from the beginning, within about 30 seconds, I knew that this was going to be one of those magical, almost spiritual performances. I have only seen four of his solo shows but this one is by far the greatest - the audience was quiet, mesmerized really - completely appreciative of his art and what was happening, and it will probably never be equaled because he's/they are too big for a show like this anymore....40 to 50 people were there, the cost was three bucks- at Bear's in Bloomington, Indiana...surrounded by Yankees, yes, but it didn't matter on this night...we were all worshipping at the Church of Jim two years ago today!   From a geeky historical standpoint "I do believe" that this was the first-ever recorded performance of Steam Engine - I can't stay for sure but it's an educated guess nonetheless. Here's the setlist: Steam Engine, Never Tear Us Apart (INXS), Just Because I Do, Hopefully, Lowdown, Peaceful Easy Feeling (The Eagles), The Way That He Sings, The Bear, At Dawn, I Will Be There When You Die, Bermuda Highway, Xmas Curtain. Well, that's enough rambling for now - almost! My favorites were Steam Engine, The Bear, Xmas Curtain, Bermuda Highway, and The Way That He Sings...but they were all great, really. You can hear the cash register tickets printing and the door opening and closing during this recording...the microphone is also bumped a couple of times due to my own mistakes.  
And now, on 1/22/06, I write this:
 So it's not perfect, but definitely listenable.  And the *musical content* of this performance still send chills down my spine.   I told him this about  two weeks later on February 5 in Dallas before their show at Trees, and he said  "I have a song called 'Chills'''   And now, just one day 'til the four year anniversary of this historic (at least in my own red-eyed mind) musical event, I am offering it up to un-
doubtedly a bunch of Jim/MMJ fanatics, not unlike myself! ;D
Title: Re: Jim 2002-01-23 Compliments of LowDog on Archiv
Post by: aMD on Nov 07, 2006, 05:20 pm
this is a great show i've had for a while.  lots of jim banter.  he talks about lebowski before having played lebowski fest and talks about dreaming of playing the palace (he's played it three times now).  thanks again for the great work kory and george.