How to post images and video on the Forum

Started by Johnny_Yac, Jul 25, 2010, 12:14 PM

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Hey Forum gang! Someone recently asked about posting images on Forum posts. This thread is outdated, so let me give some advice.

An image posted here must have an image address, a URL that ends with an image file extension, like .jpeg, .png, .gif, etc.
You can right click on an image you want to post. You should see an option to "Copy image address". Clicking that will put the image address URL on your clipboard.

Return to the Forum and, in the "Post reply" window, click the "Insert an image" icon.

Paste the image address URL in the top field, by right clicking in the box URL: and clicking "Paste" or clicking on the box and typing ctrl and v together.

I followed this method to put the three screenshots I used into this post.  :drum:
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The above method is good for sharing images, GIFs, etc. from other pages on the interweb.

To post an image of your own, you'll need to upload it to an online photo manager, like Flikr.

When I upload an image to Flikr, like the character sketches I got from Guy Burwell recently, I can find the image address URL by clicking on the image.

I then choose the download option and select "View all sizes".

Once I choose the size of the image, I right click on the picture to "Copy image address".

Then, paste the image address URL in the box that appears when you click the "Insert an image" icon in the Forum "Post reply" box.

I hope this makes sense and helps.
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