What Movie Did You Just See?

Started by wellfleet, Dec 21, 2005, 12:55 PM

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because i just saw syriana and want to tell everyone how kickass it is and it occured to me that someone here saw shopgirl and wants to say it, too, was kickass, and instead of starting a new topic every time, we could maybe have a What Movie Did You Just See sticky.
can we?
can we can we can we?
everything sucks. really.


I saw this movie also and it is great, It has slow pace but it is very provocative with todays political climate. Very informative also but also very scary if the premise of the politics of the oil business is truly handled by these business men and politicians. Well worth checking out.


wow, it's an early hanukkah miracle! thanks, riny! years from now, they'll be a special hanukkah song just about YOU!
everything sucks. really.


I just saw Spnaglish with Adam Sandler and because of the fact that:
1. I'm a woman
2. I'm on my period
3. I haven't cried in 9 months
I actually shed a tear somewhere in the middle of the movie. But then towards the end it turned out to be a rather lame picture. But I got my tear so I'd give it a thumbs-up anyways.


What a great thread! I love movies almost as much as I love music & am always spending money on theatre tickets & DVDs...

I saw King Kong at the theatre last weekend & watched Wonderland (UK movie from 1999 not the US movie with Val Kilmer) on DVD a few nights ago. King Kong was good, Wonderland is simply beautiful!

God will forgive them. He'll forgive them and allow them into Heaven.....I can't live with that.


Le Mépris (1963)

beautiful classic from godard with bardot.
oh bardot...


has anyone already seen "cannibal holocaust"?


QuoteI just saw Spnaglish with Adam Sandler .
Great sandwich in that movie!


The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. Excellent  ;D


this month i have seen King Kong and Syriana in theatres.

i am getting ready to watch War of the Worlds on DVD.
Hold my life until I'm ready to use it


Quotehas anyone already seen "cannibal holocaust"?

yeah, skip it. not worth your time.

Sleazy Rider

The last movie I saw in theatre was Derailed, only because Walk The Line was sold out and it's thirty miles to a theatre from where i live.  It's Obviously not worth seeing.  Some of  my favorite movies are Apocalypse Now, Godfather 1 &2, any Marx Bros.  Basically good funny or slow dramabut I can pretty much sit through anything.
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[Great sandwich in that movie![/quote]

It looks like it's a lot of good food in that movie... And even more in the special features. Well, or not for me - I'm a vegetarian.

Another great movie is American movie. You should foten judge a movie from it's special features, and American movie has the best extra material ever been shown to mankind.


Tindra, I did not succed with my quote from you, but It was your quote that I replied to. If you didn't notice...

I'm tired, It's one o'clock at night and all of my relatives are getting home-maid calanders from broke-ass me this year for Christmas...


last movie i saw was harry potter - i know ... it is kind of a kid's movie, but still good... more looking forward to some of the new movies coming up, especially walk the line. gonna see the party by peter sellers on dvd while i'm at home though, GREAT movie!
love a song for the way it makes you feel


- Me and You and Everyone I Know

had its moments but not as good as i hoped.

 - The President's Last Bang

political satire from korea. very good.



QuoteMe and You and Everyone I Know
had its moments but not as good as i hoped.

I had that one on my wish list  :-/
God will forgive them. He'll forgive them and allow them into Heaven.....I can't live with that.


- It's A Wonderful Life

gotta love jimmy stewart