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FAO LOUISVILLE BANDS (Show for Sani Hanks)

Started by Bam_Bam, Aug 15, 2008, 01:04 pm

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This is from my fellow bandmate Evan. Some of you might've already seen this but if not you can write to us on myspace if your interested.

My name is Evan and my friend and I are starting work on what we hope to become a monthly and eventually weekly concert event. We hope to recreate a music scene in Louisville, something that is long overdue. We need a very strong first couple of shows to give this idea momentum, and we were wondering if you would like the be one of the acts appearing. We are thinking of holding this at St. John's church, which is a very accessible church with a great ampitheatre. We are looking to get this started right away, once there is a strong commitment in enough bands...we already have connections to puiblicize the event over public radio, velocity, LEO, and all over the streets of Louisville. This is an event to unite the people of Louisville with the music of Louisville...something that will bring together a large group of people. You will be paid for this too. The dates we are looking at would be in September for the first show, allowing us enough time for publicizing the event.

Please write back or call me at 502-417-7750 as soon as possible.
Thanks for your consideration and I hope to hear from you soon.