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What Show Did You Just See?

Started by CC, Dec 23, 2010, 08:21 AM

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Quote from: ranyart on Mar 11, 2021, 10:01 AMWelcome to 2021 folks!  Last night we made our first concert ticket (re)purchase and it feels soooooo good.  We have new tix to see the Turkuaz Remain In Light show in New Orleans on October 15 2021 with our good friends that we have not seen in over a year!!!

All of these post pandemic concepts are causing much joy in our corner of the world as we get our vaccinations and begin to contemplate a future without this damn virus hanging over our heads.

Come on MMJ open up the floodgates.  We all know that you're primed and ready to go with not one but two new albums to rattle our bones and my calendar is filling up so it's time to start the announcements!!!

The day is coming, you know what I mean...

Right there with you.  I was pretty excited a couple weeks back to repurchase tickets for Friday night of Ohana Fest, scheduled for late September.  Great knowing there's MMJ show in my backyard in the relatively near future, if all things go well.
Cuz it's been so long since someone shattered me.


Betsy and I went to our first live in person musical event since Feb 2020 this past Saturday.  We saw Atlanta Rhythm Section at Ludlow Garage.  The place was totally packed, and it sounded like this was Ludlow's first big event since reopening (and that they are lucky they survived the virus mess financially).  Not a mask in sight even though we have lots of unvaccinated people in this part of the world, people were very drunk, and someone even puked toward the back by the only non-emergency exit.  ARS was good fun to watch and hearing live rock-n-roll music again was magic, so we had good fun overall but it certainly felt surreal being in that sort of crowd again.

Two more concerts are on our calendars for August.  Here's hoping that the virus doesn't boomerang back and hit us too hard in the coming months!


Modest Mouse - August 17 - at The Anthem in DC. They were great and (pleasantly) not as loud as I remembered them being.  It was just great to see live music with a big crowd again.  It has been a long year and a half waiting for shows, and while Modest Mouse was great and fun, I'm really waiting for my second show back -- MMJ.  That will be next level awesomeness.   


Was this for the tour with Future Islands? How were they?


finally got a chance to see bright light social hour last night. i'm prone to being easily excitable, but i've been letting it sit for awhile now, and i really think that was one of the better shows i've seen in the last several years. don't miss them if they're rolling through your area.
some get stoned, some get strange, sooner or later it all gets real.


Hit Dead and Company in Dallas and then in Houston last week/weekend. Had a great time at both.

Dallas - first set was all about the women, the Peggy-O was beautiful and the Sugaree was insane. Second set highlight was obviously the Help-Slip-Franklin's Tower, was so happy i got to see one of those.

Houston - first set was a little slow in my opinion, but ended on a high with Jack Straw that set up a real face melting 2nd set, the Trucking into St. Stephen was mind blowing and the black muddy river closer was great


Forgot to post this earlier but went and saw Goose on 11/13 in Dallas at a new venue called The Echo lounge. Show was absolutely packed, sold out very quick. Great show and they even covered State of the Art!!!! Was killer.