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Jan 20, 2022, 02:38 PM


Started by capt. scotty, Dec 24, 2010, 12:08 AM

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anyone watch the first two weeks of Trey's "The Beacon Jams" project? Been really great to watch so far. For those unaware, Trey Anastasio is doing an 8-week Friday night residency at the Beacon Theater in NYC (no crowd obviously), every Friday at 8 pm EST on Twitch, and it's free. Mostly it's him with his Solo Band members (sans the horn section so far), and with a few guests mixed in, last Friday had a string section for several tunes. Highly recommend! 

Also, I noticed something a bit interesting in the scrolling post-show credits after both nights so far (snapped this pic of the screen last friday). Very curious to know what this is all about. CC, know anything about this?



This was on the MMJ Fan Group on Facebook:

"In case anyone is curious, Trey has been thanking MMJ in the Beacon Jams credits because "The guy lighting Trey's Beacon Jams run also does lights for MMJ. Trey ended up using some parts of MMJs lighting rig in the Beacon, dogg. Hence the thank you.""
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Thanks for the info



apparently sarah huckabee sanders was at the phish show in AR last night. Zero chance I'd have been able to bite my tongue had I been there and seen her.



Interesting statement from Phish concerning their tour.


from watching the set openers, I certainly didn't notice many masked folks down in GA last night.

I wonder how that has to feel for the band who clearly wants folks to be as safe as possible but look down and see people not taking their suggestions/recommendations seriously.

I'm vaxxed and going to AC. I plan on wearing a mask when social distancing isn't possible but very happy its fully outside so I can hopefully find some space. I am going solo though expect to run into some friends. Anyone here going? 
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We have friends that are doing the 3 night run at Deer Creek (or whatever they call it now) just outside of Indy.  They are camping at Sleepybear, which is sold out for Phish.  It's going to be very interesting to see what they have to say when it's all over.


we will be at the nashville shows next week, unsure if I will mask up. Also have tix to phil and friends in nashville this saturday which is indoors and I'm rethinking that one.


We went to an indoor show not long ago (Atlanta Rhythm Section at Ludlow Garage).  People were hammered, the place was packed, and there was not a mask in sight.  Based upon what's going on now I would be rethinking that one too.


I'm hunting for Nashville tix still, hopeful to find a way in but definitely is concerning to hit 4 of the worst states for vaccination rate at the top of the tour.

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Oak Mountain was freaking amazing!!!

Keep in mind that vax rates are gen pop. Most Phans much more liberal and undoubtedly have a fan base where the vax rate is much higher compared with overall rates in a given state.  I bet the crowd last night was 80-90 vaxed.

The worst for me was the huge mass of people cramming into the entrances. We messed up and went in last minute and it took a good half hour in a sea of sweaty people.


Caught 10 shows this summer. So much awesome!

If you haven't seen this yet...


the 20+ minute jams were flowing!
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