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Started by CC, Dec 24, 2010, 04:23 AM

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I just purchased an American Standard Tele! Pretty excited!    :drum:


Quote from: johnnYYac on Jun 17, 2014, 05:48 PM
Don't know if you follow Johnny Quaid's Facebook page, The Ravenna Colt (  He recently posted about finding an unpleasant odor in his studio, a conversation ensued, culminating with lyrics to a song I wrote, inspired by the event.  A recording may come soon...

Bumped.  Yo, YYac!  You've got some time on your hands.  Get going on the Omnichord remix of this beauty!
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Grateful Chabo

Here's a link to our sound cloud of a demo album I did with a buddy of mine.  The production is pretty weak (garageband and bunk home studio) but I like our sound. 
"Listen to the river sing sweet songs to rock my soul."


My first post-surgery recording with the ol' OM-200m.  Three fingers on my right hand are still numb and I can't sing, but I thought it came out pretty well.  Forgive the slight fuck up in the middle, around 2:00.

Just One Thing
Close enough!


My son, Timothy Jackson Scott on Youtube, Bandcamp and Facebook
Two records released by age 20. He's heading off to the Roberto Venn School of Luthiery to learn how to hand craft guitars
His very proud Dad,
Doug Scott


Hey folks, my band crones recently did a live dealie up at our local uni radio station. They filmed it & I think it turned out pretty well! Check it out if you're so inclined, you might like it.

PS I'm too computer dumb to embed the video. Sorry  :cry:


Hey gang,  my band just released a new one a couple weeks ago.

more "acoustic" than some of our previous albums

J.K. Lago

Hello jacketers thanks to Johnny Yacc we found this awesome forum. J.K. Lago is my band and we get almost all of our inspiration from My Morning Jacket. Heres a link to our sound cloud and our demo EP that we just recorded let us know what you think and spread the tunes one love y'all!   

Sound cloud-



My band crones has put a bunch of new stuff out since I last tooted my own horn on here:
new full length, a Xmas one off & just recently a new solo single dealie. I think there's stuff on our bandcamp some of you might dig maybe? Who knows.


My band The Gods of Cock Rock has a bunch of free download songs on our website.  Feel free to check them out and I hope you enjoy them.

One of the songs I am most proud of is called "Dead Rock Stars" which is sadly still so relevant these days.

[You no longer need to register to download it - the Zip file is available right on the site]


I checked out Aghast and I like the driving rock n' roll vibe!  Thanks for post!

Quote from: Concerns on Sep 17, 2016, 03:27 AMMy band crones has put a bunch of new stuff out since I last tooted my own horn on here:
new full length, a Xmas one off & just recently a new solo single dealie. I think there's stuff on our bandcamp some of you might dig maybe? Who knows.


Hey guys, I recently made some stuff that I'm really proud of and want to share. I studied music at college around 10 years ago but totally lost the buzz from making music shortly after due to lack of confidence and various other issues, I've built a ton of songs using loops over the years just to keep myself entertained but randomly opened up Garage Band late last year after listening to a bunch of demos by a band I love that made me realise I don't have to beat myself up and aim for total, polished perfection so I opened GB up and just had some good old, no pressure fun making some noise.

I think I did pretty good recording it all with my own hands - considering I have a disability meaning they don't work properly. Playing everything out on a MIDI keyboard was at times frustrating with said dysfunctional hands but I feel like it's been worth it and I have my fire back! The songs are not perfect, not totally/at all professional sounding but the fact that I made them all by myself instead of just throwing a bunch of loops in there leaves me with a huge smile on my face!

Here are the 4 that I'm most happy with, kind of dark angry spacey electronic/alt rock sounding stuff. More progressive in nature as I find that easier to do in GB, plus I think I just prefer it to standard song structures. I can't open Garage Band with an idea for a song in my head, I just have to open it up and see what happens, and this is what happened:
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Hello, me again! Sorry to double post but I really wanna share this track I've spent the last few days working on and am extremely proud of!

It's called 'Tear Me Down I Want to Start Again' and is a 7 minute spacey-rock song that picks up speed as it goes along into a big, euphoric, happy ending.

I always say my songs aren't personal as they're all just little instrumental garage band jams but there's something about this song, specifically the ending which really moves me and I think captures the determination and resilience I've been feeling lately. I have a disability which effects my hands greatly so making music is actually incredibly challenging at times and it can take me a really long time to really nail a melody but I really pushed myself with this song and feel it's my best work yet! The plan was to create a little 2-3 minute ambient jam but it very quickly spiralled out of control into this hot mess!

Would really appreciate some feedback. Thank you in advance! :thumbsup:

Do any of you other guys ever listen back to something you've made and think "holy s***, I made this?!" it's a great feeling :cheesy:
Burn your bridges & swim in the water


My band released our first single in August 2021. We're all mid 20's and based out of Nashville, working on an EP coming out this summer. I didn't write it, but I did play guitar, bass, and keys on it! Been to at least 1 Jacket show with every member of the band, me and the drummer flew out to Broomfield '17 together, and he definitely takes some inspiration from Patrick.