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120 Minutes

Started by bowl of soup, May 09, 2011, 04:03 pm

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bowl of soup

It's really hard to remember how important this show was for me when I was a good-for-nothing teenager in the late 80's looking for decent music.  I used to watch it with pen and paper to write down names of bands that I liked so that I could search them out.  I was raised on the Dave Kendall version, but Matt Pinfield came around in the early 90's just as "alternative" music became mainstream (I'm looking at you Kurt Cobain).

120 Minutes, Spin, and my black-wearing friends at a much more dangerous than it is now Respectable's were really my (and most people trapped in suburban America) only sources of cool new music.  Now if I want to listen to Taiwanese chain-saw death metal, I just put it google and there it is.  I'm not sure if the world's better or worse.

Anyway, it's coming back with Matt:


I'm not saying it's easy...walking into sweet oblivion.

Tracy 2112

good call

I was away and didn't offer my condolences for Gary Williams leaving; he was one of my favorites.
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Yeah. Not sure how I feel that Matt is back to doing it, but a brothas gotta eat I guess. Hopefully this starts are positive trend.

Soup- I've found the internet is good for DLing music and for porn only. There doesn't seem to be much else that is redeeming. I long for the simplier times of the end of high school and the beginning of college when you had to wait for things or get off your ass and go somewhere to buy an album or other things. I really do miss pre-internet life.

capt. scotty

120 minutes is slightly or at the earliest of my music loving time, but I do think tihs is a good call. I dont get MTV2 on my cable, but it still sounds like a good choice. I doubt they need the ratings, but Itd be nice if they still spred good tunes at least
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Ahhhh, fond memories of 120 minutes.  That show introduced me to Live and Blind Melon in the early nineties.

bowl of soup

Quote from: Tracy 2112 on May 09, 2011, 06:23 pm
good call

I was away and didn't offer my condolences for Gary Williams leaving; he was one of my favorites.

I've been in denial - it was so sudden.  I guess when Jordan Williams left he probably threw his hands in the air and said, "That's enough!"  Not sure about Turgeon, don't really know much about him.
I'm not saying it's easy...walking into sweet oblivion.


I remember recording the shit out of that show when I was home on breaks from college and then watching the videos over and over again back at school.

120 minutes wasn't my only outlet as an impressionalbe teenager though.  I was lucky to have a DAMN fine college radio station spinning all of my early favorite bands throughout my jr. high and high school years.

I remember my friends and I formed a garage band in high school and recorded our demos on a freaking boom box.  We used to take those demos to the college radio station and they would play our songs on their station!   ;D  We sucked hard, but they played us anyway!  8)   :beer:


One of the best shows ever.  Some great live performances, great music.

Imagine if there was a channel out there now that played music videos and how great it would be. 
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