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Started by headhunter, Sep 06, 2012, 08:19 pm

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Quote from: Crispy on Sep 26, 2019, 12:07 pm
Quote from: walterfredo on Sep 26, 2019, 11:23 amI think the citizens of this country have slowly become desensitized to the actions of this administration. It's all becoming normalized, scary shit. And the GOP turns a blind eye and pretend it's all normal.

I disagree a bit about being desensitized -- I think half of us have become more and more disgusted by this administration's actions as they've gone on, but also more frustrated by the inability to make it better immediately. As for the other half, the GOP is so overly pleased about having their people in power that they happily excuse, if not promote, their president's ability (so far) to skirt the rules. I don't think they necessarily believe it's the new normal, but are just riding that wave and hoping it lasts forever. However, I believe those days are finally starting to come to an end, and many rats will begin jumping from that treasonous sinking ship. As for rats like Giuliani, Graham, McConnell, etc., I hope they go all the way down with it.

Of course, I'm just talking about people who are paying attention to current events -- as I think you suggest, the general citizenry mostly doesn't give a fuck.

Well said my friend, well said.

I can't even find the right words to describe my disappointment in Giuliani.

I grew up in the city and saw the worst of it and the great job he did in cleaning it up. Especially the Midtown/Times Square area. I remember being propositioned so many times walking around there even with my family in tow. It was to the point I wouldn't take them and barely felt safe myself but he drastically changed all of that.

To go from someone who I was proud of the job he did to the unhinged despicable man he is now is just mind boggling to me. So much so I question was he always like this but hid it and I missed something along the way years ago or has he just gone off the deep end?

Disappointed in him is a huge understatement.
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Many polls show Americans want to hear from witnesses in the impeachment trial.  Please consider calling your senators 202-225-3121 - the prompts take you through everything and you can leave a voice message or talk to a live congressional staff member.  I only give them my first name and zip code and tell them I will not give an address because I do not want political advertisements in my mailbox.

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