Heartbreakin' Man

Started by derekb, Sep 28, 2005, 03:16 PM

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Can anyone lend a brother a hand?  I hear something going on with a D - some suspended somethings or other.  Any help is greatly appreciated.


Here's the basic chords for it:

Capo 1st fret:


A       G       Em (repeat)

    D          G             D                   Gm
2o times i wish you'd understand, that you're breakin the

                            D       D          G        
heart of this heartbreakin man. 20 times i wish you'd use

the door, cause

        Gm                         D    
you're makin this heart want some more. oooooo

And so forth.  If anyone wants to add anything to this, feel free.


Damn, the font and shit is all off, so those chord changes above the lyrics aren't neccesarily right.  


Hey, I'm new here and I could be wrong, but it sounds to me like it changes from G major to G minor at the end of the lines.

BTW, this is a great site, been checking it out for a while, just registered.  Love it.


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