Tonight I Wanna Celebrate With You

Started by tannisroot, Jul 26, 2008, 08:43 AM

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I didn't see a topic for this one already.  Can any of you with good ears let us know what Jim's doing on this song?  It sounds like he's doing an arpeggio or cross picking, but I can't really tell.  The recorded version is with a banjo (can't tell what type) and I think it might sound good on my tenor banjo.



hmmm...I'd like if you could define cross-picking, but if I were to sort of define what is sounds like, I'm going to go ahead and guess he's on a 4 string banjo with a picking pattern like this:


Does that make sense? I'm guessing that's cross picking? Alternating between the two bass strings and leaving the top note to act almost as a pedal. It could very well be that he's working on a 5-string, but (and bear with my limited banjowledge) it sounds as though the top note is a little lower than a five stringer would be tuned on the 5th string.

The river is moving. The blackbird must be flying.


That pattern would be one type of cross-picking.  Cross picking as I understand it is just picking the notes of the chord (or a portion of the chord) in a pattern that crosses strings.  Any idea on what the chord changes are...chord progression?



Capo I

Verse    A-D

Chorus  C-E-A-D

ex. verse
A                           D
Tonight i want.......u

ex. chorus
C               E                        A       D
..need.......celebrate ....w/ u