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9-9-2006 now on archive...
« on: Oct 20, 2006, 09:33 AM »
As I said yesterday, I've downloaded some shows from dimeadozen as they were not avilable for all to get.
Here's the second show from the effort.
Enjoy and thanks again to the taper over in France!

Code: [Select]

My Morning Jacket
Le Dme
Marseille, France

Source: Sony ECM-719 > Sony Hi-MD RH10 (PCM mode) > USB / Sonic Stage > WAV > Adobe Audition 2.0 (track splitting, hard limiting on loud hand clapping) > shntool (fix SBE) > FLAC
Location: second row, left of stage (4 meters from the center, in front of guitarist Carl Broemel)
Taper: XWayne

01. Intro
02. Wordless chorus
03. Gideon
04. Off the Record
05. What a Wonderful Man
06. Steam Engine
07. One Big Holiday
08. Anytime
09. Mahgeetah
Total time: 42:09

Notes: opening for Pearl Jam. I was very close in the mosh pit, so there's a bit of talking but people around me were respectful. I had Carl's amp right in front of me, so Jim's vocals and guitar are a bit low in the mix.