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Jan 19, 2022, 08:29 AM


Started by Cameron, Jul 21, 2015, 09:35 PM

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So anyone ever hear of these guys? A buddy gave me their record and I haven't stopped listening to it. Really good alt-country-ish tunes.



cool, I will be on the lookout!


Nice. Thanks for sharing!


I get a big Futurebirds vibe.  Thanks.
Close enough!


Yeah, I definitely hear that.

Come Closer

Good recommendation.  :thumbsup:

I got more of Deer Tick kinda vibe. Attic Fowler is a band that sounds a lot like Futurebirds. Futurebirds just announced a new album. 


That's funny...I described it to a friend as kind of like DT's first couple of records.


I would concur with the Deer Tick sound. Saw them on Monday opening for Iron and Wine/Ben Bridwell at the Tabernacle and they were great.  They are playing a free show in a few weeks (the Sunday after MMJ) with T. Hardy Morris and Roadkill Ghost Choir at Park Tavern in Atlanta.


Saw them at Codfish Hollow in Iowa back in July.  Went to see William E Whitmore and AA Bondy but I sure remember more of Susto!  Really enjoyed their set.  Thanks for reminding me to check them out a little more.
We could.


Opening for Futurebirds when I see them in Norfolk (11/14)
Don't you ever turn it off


new album "& I'm Fine Today" streaming on Consequence of Sound


Love this band so much.

Come Closer

Sophomore slump IMO


I really like half of the songs. The other half I'm gonna have to listen to more.


man, I really loved it. Thought they really did a good job exploring some new sounds, a more "mature" album than their first (which I'm still obsessed with).


I was a little worried about this album after hearing a few of the tracks that have trickled out over the past few months (including Hanging on the Beach With My Best Friend Jesus Christ - which I thought would be on the album, I'm glad it's not since I don't care for it)...but I gotta say I'm really enjoying it as a whole.

Also, thanks Cameron for creating this thread way back when - you introduced me to Susto and I've listened to their first album countless times since you started it.


glad y'all liked it as much as me.  the first record and the live one are still constants for me.  looking forward to diving into this one for real on friday.


Bump for new single coming out Friday.

Come Closer

New album out in a month. They have new members? I know a few of them left for other projects.


Yeah, I think it's just Justin and Marshall (drummer) left from the last album. The guitar player has been there a year or so now too.

The new tunes are growing on me. Looking forward to seeing them at SX.