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Jayhawks New Album!

Started by ChiefOKONO, Oct 17, 2015, 12:21 pm

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So the Jayhawks are finishing up a new album coming next year and started a Pledgemusic campaign for preordering it and other stuff like bonus tracks!  Check it out!


The three tunes they play in that little video clip sound AWESOME!

Maybe this will be like a SOL part 2? :)


The new album is out on NPR streaming. Stunning compared to what I expected. Rarely do albums leave this kind of impression after one listening. Produced by the guy who did the Waterfall, Tucker Martine, AND Peter Buck, who also sat in I believe. Ballsiest Jayhawks album ever. And Gary is 61. Can't wait for my deluxe autographed LP to arrive next month.


saw them last weekend and they were as great as ever. listening to the stream now.


going to see them tonight!!! really liking the new album!


Not impressed in the least by Mr. Proust.  Very disappointing effort by these guys I really used to love them, now--meh
Sittin' here with me and mine.  All wrapped up in a bottle of wine.


I liked a few songs off of it. Enjoyed seeing them again when they toured on it too.


Their new album Back Roads and Abandoned Motels is excellent.  It was great to hear Tim and Karen get some lead vocals too.  Definitely worth checking out!

Good review here:

Preview clip: