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Rayland Baxter

Started by johnnYYac, Feb 18, 2016, 06:50 pm

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Run, don't walk, to any opportunity you have to see this guy.  Great show last night! 

A fine mix of Americana, solo folk, psychedelic rock jams, and groovy songwriting.  We've all heard his cover of Bermuda Highway (if not, check the YouTube/Vevo embed below).  I was tempted to request it, but decided against it, as his cover of BH was the only music of his I had heard before seeing him live at the Blue Moose Tap House here in Iowa City.  A great band, too, including a bass player- Tyler Osmond- whose dad is one of THE Osmond brothers.  Met the guys and talked with Rayland, Tyler, and guitarist Ian, all of whom know Tom and Carl from living in Nashville.

Close enough!


Saw him a few months back in Louisville and will be heading to his show in Covington, KY next week. Didn't have any expectations going into the first show as I tagged along with the wife who loves him but was blown away.


glad you liked it Johnny!   Amy and I had a good time at the Boston show earlier this month, and did get the BH cover...


Seems someone put that Boston BH on YouTube.

Close enough!


I'm really enjoying his new album, Wide Awake, after a few listens.