Favorite My Morning Jacket studio album

Started by johnnYYac, May 14, 2016, 03:57 pm

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Which studio album do you currently consider your favorite?

The Tennessee Fire
4 (3.5%)
At Dawn
24 (20.9%)
It Still Moves
52 (45.2%)
21 (18.3%)
Evil Urges
8 (7%)
3 (2.6%)
The Waterfall
3 (2.6%)

Total Members Voted: 115


After all these years the Tenn Fire is still my fav.
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Quote from: johnnYYac on May 18, 2016, 05:58 pm
I kinda like how the graph of results looks like It Still Moves is giving the finger...

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its hard to rank them but this list is based on how often i play the albums in iTunes:

1. circuital
2. evil urges (was very happy with sat night at red rocks)
3. the waterfall
4. it still moves
5. z
6. at dawn
7. the tennessee fire


The Tennessee Fire, far and away. I decided to go see the Pritzker Pavillion show (more for Band of Horses, initially) and was very unfamiliar with My Morning Jacket. Since I got the tickets well ahead of time, I got all the albums and crammed. The show blew me away and I was hooked. The first album I listened to and became familiar with while cramming was The Tennessee Fire. I don't even think the Pritzker show touched on that album much, but that first album is the one that made an impression on me.

The Tennessee Fire
At Dawn
It Still Moves
The Waterfall
Evil Urges


i gave my vote to Z but so hard to pick one album or even a song , probably have 20 favs . Cheers all MMJ fans out there  :beer: :beer: :beer: :beer: :beer:



Come on, play At Dawn, vinyl, loud = most gorgeous.
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It Still Moves
At Dawn
Tennessee Fire
The Waterfall
Evil Urges
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It Still Moves for me,  So glad I heard it the fall of 2003
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I remember when Evil Urges came out instantly feeling like each song was familiar. I think that album really was a generational statement. There was a feeling I got from listening to that record that is unique among their other releases. Still holds true for me nearly a decade later.


Evil Urges does it for me. Carl's pedal steel playing, the diversity. "Thank You Too!" was me and my wife's wedding song--though she would probably pick another MMJ album.


I clicked the view results and the bars look like the polls flipping the bird  :cheesy:
Anyway my 2 "tied fof #1" selections are topping this poll so 'nuff said  :thumbsup:
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It would be It Still Moves, which is probably the most accomplished, but it's so hard not to pick At Dawn... what a masterpiece ! The title track gives me shivers every time I hear it


I genuinely love them all, each album holds some of their best work but I had to go for The Waterfall. Unpopular choice I know but it was my first time experiencing a new album as a proper MMJ fan (I was very new and just scratching the surface during Circuital but hadn't totally lost my head to the band at that point - between 2011 and 2015 I had become obsessed!!) and the UK leg of the Waterfall tour was my first taste of them live so it holds a special place in my heart. In Its Infancy is easily in my top 10 Jacket songs, absolute masterpiece! Only Memories (live) is also a true godsend 
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