N4 Beacon Status Foil Available for Trade

Started by mancityzens, Jul 06, 2016, 12:34 pm

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Justin/Status Serigraph accidentally sent me the wrong poster for a gift my wife got me.  This is a foil print from Night 4 of the Beacon run I believe, but please correct me if it was a different night.  He said I could keep it.  I'm more than happy to do so because it is quite beautiful, but I didn't attend the show and figured I would float it out there for a trade.  Like everyone else and their mother, I am looking for a Red Rocks poster.  Either night, but preferably the fabled night 1 poster.

I will not sell this poster due to the kindness Justin showed with helping my wife out, but also for him letting me keep it. So trades only, please.

easy way

"the time is with the month of winter solstice, when the change is due to come..."


Any chance at all you're still looking for a trade?