Forum member's debut novel State of Love & Trust by Grace Ombry

Started by johnnYYac, Sep 01, 2016, 05:29 pm

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Just got my copy of a novel written by an old-school Forum member, Grace Ombry, aka Devil Ledbetter. I haven't had a chance to check it out yet, but Grace is awesome, so the book should be good, too!

State of Love and Trust
Close enough!



About the Author
Grace Ombry thinks there aren't nearly enough rock 'n' roll novels and has a mission write more of them. She attends several live shows each year, usually including Bonnaroo. Some of her favorite writers are Kurt Vonnegut, Nick Hornby, Nick Sheff and Chuck Klosterman. She has a degree in journalism from Central Michigan University. Weekdays, she's the Marketing Director for the greatest glue factory on earth and editor of Epoxyworks magazine. She lives in Bay City, Michigan with her husband and their two teenagers.

Product Description
The Raffertys - We're Fucking Doomed The words embroidered on their family crest reflect the hard-won dark humor of Ellie and Clive, twins building their lives on the seismic fault of a tabloid-worthy childhood. It's all coming together for them, thick and solid as a storm front. In Corktown, Detroit, Ellie is settled into a relationship with Clive's best friend. He tolerates her evangelical zeal for Pearl Jam--right down to her refurbished school bus dedicated to the Yield album--even if he does prefer Kiss. But when they get a new housemate who's true blue to Pearl Jam, patience, fidelity, friendship and truth will be tested from every possible angle. Meanwhile, Clive has given up his lifelong hobby of worrying about everyone else, fled Detroit's drama, and married the most together woman on the planet. She runs a heating business; he paints oversized album jacket replicas in their rural northern Michigan bungalow. It's idyllic--until an invasion of microscopic Rafferty doom unmasks his cowardice. Clive is forced to choose between saving face, and finally facing down his worst enemy: himself. Ellie and Clive might manage to outrun the Rafferty doom that has dogged them their entire lives, but it's going to be a whole lot harder to outrun adulthood. State of Love & Trust is a tragicomedy about love, family, dogs and Pearl Jam fans. It's told from the alternating viewpoints of twins Ellie and Clive Rafferty, at locations from Detroit to Presque Isle County and a few places in between.
Close enough!

Devil Ledbetter

Thank you, Yac! I just stumbled across this. I hope you've had a chance to read it by now.

Anyone interested in taking a peek at State of Love & Trust can check out the excerpt on my website or at State of Love & Trust's page on

Since Thursday, Aug. 17 marks the first anniversary of State of Love & Trust's publication, I'm running a giveaway through Kindle Direct Print. If you have a Kindle, you will be able to download State of Love & Trust for free on Thursday, Aug. 18 and Friday, Aug. 19 at the Amazon link above.

If you don't have a Kindle, but do have a smartphone, you can download the Kindle App to your phone for free and get it that way.

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We understand it's the '90s.

ms. yvon

holy cow, grace!  congratulations!  i'm a year late on this one but it doesn't make it less fantastic!

i don't have a kindle or smart phone so the free download won't happen for me but i will get it from audible or something.

fuck yeah!

**thanks for posting in here, yac!
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