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Started by dontgetupset, Nov 23, 2016, 05:48 pm

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I unfortunately couldn't make the Jim show this past Sunday but I was pretty surprised that it wasn't (at least according to the setlist) any more "special" than other shows on this tour. I and surely many other felt this way because we had had such a transformative and magical experience at the same venue 73 months earlier and for us the mere mention of T5 evokes longing and nostalgia that befits something of a much earlier age. I realize that Jim's the busiest guy in this business and that he gives it his all every night. Nevertheless, I thought there would be some acknowledgment.

Anyway, I find myself from time to time (maybe more often around this time of year???) watching and rewatching the few videos that do exist on youtube. This got me thinking. I know there's been speculation about Okonokos 2 and/ore a record store day release of T5 audio but all indications is that that ain't happening any time soon.

Therefore I pose 2 questions to the real cognoscenti here:

A) Is there someone out there that has their own bootleg? Like are there 5 members of this group that have their own well-guarded copies that only they know about? (If yes I'm not looking to name names but I WANT!)

B) Are we sure that the band has their own soundboard quality recordings of all nights? Obviously the Butch Cassidy release and whatever else is out there is indicative that they do possess it but who knows? Maybe there was a technical glitch?? I'm asking out of ignorance (obviously) but if it can be established that its out there I may really wanna start pushing for it!

Thanks and happy Thanksgiving to all!


I've posted this before, but I was told by someone very in the know that the band just wasn't that happy with their performance, esp on nights 3 and 4.


Thanks for that. I seem to remember you mentioning that now.

Definitely makes sense with world-class musicians (despite the fact that to everyone there the performance was virtually flawless).

Happy thanksgiving


may be going out on a limb but if they released nights 1 and 2 i think a lot of people would be satisfied.


Quote from: subinai on Nov 26, 2016, 01:19 pm
may be going out on a limb but if they released nights 1 and 2 i think a lot of people would be satisfied.

I agree completely!!


gotta release all nights, though. MMJ ahahahah they weren't happy with their performance on those nights? good lord...i can only imagine what Perfection means to them hahahah

(Postscript / Epilogue)

i have now found that perfection means PWW from RR2012 and the Lovin Cup / Easy Morning Rebel from Bonnaroo 2006
MMJ: 8/2/2012+10/07/2015+12/29/2017+12/30/2017+12/31/2017 (JIM): 11/5/2018