Do you play an instrument ?!

Started by darizzzla, Sep 25, 2016, 11:38 pm

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Favourite instrument to play ?

Bass Guitar
Other / Which one ?


So, do any of you guys out here play any instruments if yes , what ? And what would you recomand for someone who hasn't played any yet , how should i find my calling


I chose "other", as my instrument is the Omnichord.  Purely inspired by Jim, I've had 6 different models at one point, but currently have 3.  Jim most currently is using the OM-200m.  I have an older OM-84 that he signed for me at Newport Folk Fest in 2010.  I also have the newer model, called the QChord.  I mostly play MMJ tunes, but also some Pink Floyd.  Here's some of my recordings.
Close enough!


Geetah and some mandolin--also dabble with bass
Sittin' here with me and mine.  All wrapped up in a bottle of wine.