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Throwback (When We Were Young) Recording?

Started by Brother Beck, Apr 01, 2017, 11:44 am

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Brother Beck

Does anybody have or can anyone point me in the direction of a high quality recording of the song Throwback (When We Were Young).....? 


internet archive has recorded shows.  Red rocks last year

Mr. White

Here's an early version on this recording of the Austin City Limits taping. It starts at around 30:45 into it. They sort of mess up the intro and start again.

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ACL is the best quality recording but that Red Rocks version is a SMOKIN' performance.

Praying that this song doesn't get the "Friends Again" treatment and is never heard again. WE NEED A STUDIO RECORDING AND CONSTANT LIVE EXPOSURE!!!

Mr. White

They played it as the very first song of their 2 night run at the Iroquois Amphitheater in Louisville last May 12th. The sound isn't the best but not too bad. Here it is on Internet Archives.
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Enjoyed this as the opener at Iroquois. Hope they bust it out again some this summer.
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I totally forgot about this song.  Agreed- I hope we get a studio version and it doesn't get the Friends Again treatment

Brother Beck

Thank you!  I have to agree - this is a fantastic song, and I hope it doesn't get Friends Again-ed. (Still waiting on that one - one of the main reasons I really hope we get a live album or live album quality Terminal 5 recordings...)


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From ACL 2016

Do you have this full show available to download?? i was there and would love to have it, thanks!
Uploaded just for you...
Close enough!