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FS: Random Posters

Started by 63schoefflin, May 15, 2017, 08:33 pm

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I have way too many prints sitting in the flatfile and could use some extra concert loot for the summer. I have more pics available as they are all mint, but only posted one each to not clog up the page. Here are my MMJ related prints:

Status Serigraph - 2013 Roll Call x2($20)

Status Serigraph - 2015 Roll Call ($20)

Reno- 2016 Roll Call ($20)

Fung - 2012 Roll Call; has some very minor edge wear in a few spots. Can provide pics but will not show with frame ($20)


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Long shot, but are you still trying to offload the 2012?

Mr. White

I missed out on the 2015 Roll Call Peacock poster because I go the 18 month extension Roll Call that time. I'll send you a Personal Message about it.
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