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Wiseacre's Lord Skylark APA Review!

Started by thebugman, Jun 08, 2017, 01:08 pm

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So we have been watching a bunch of vlogs by @ohitsteddy and felt inspired to our version of one...poorly as it may be....the beer? none other than Wiseacre's Lord Skylark APA out of Memphis, TN. So watch it up, drink it up and thank me later.

Also a shoutout to the kind folks we met at the elvis fest in tupelo, ms this past weekend. Had a blast and we will see yall in the pit in Nashville! Thanks!

four on the floor and four in the air....


Great meeting you, bugman! Thanks for digging on our hometown beer.  :thumbsup:
See you in Nashville!  :beer:


cant wait to party down!! thanks for watching!
four on the floor and four in the air....