Author Topic: Absolutely lovely backstage interview from the Bridge School!  (Read 1553 times)


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Awesome interview! Thanks for posting. I also liked Anthony's interview. Seems like a cool dude.
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Lovely is the right word for that.  Very nice.  And solid questions too!  Interesting to learn about JJ's first performance. 


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That is lovely.  Nice shout out for The Fairness Campaign as well.  Is it wrong to say that I am loving Jim's hair in that one?
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That's awesome-sauce! And a reminder that all the wonderful magic that happens at the Bridge School Benefit might be over forever. I am devastated that Neil has announced that he will no longer host the show. Hopefully, someone else will pick up the mantle and keep this amazing weekend going. If not, Jim and the boys can say they sent the event off with a bang with their amazing performance with Roger Waters.


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Great stuff, thank you for posting this
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