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Started by rna2525, Jul 03, 2017, 09:37 pm

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Hi Anybody have any recommendation for a quality best sound/base all in one best bang for buck bluetooth speaker.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

thank you


My wife got me a Sonos speaker and I love it. It's not Bluetooth, it runs on your wifi network. I highly recommend it for the sound quality and the convenience of being a DJ right off your phone.
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For outside I have a pair of little Jams speakers. They're a few years old but they sound good and I can play music from my phone outside. Not expensive at all and they do the trick. The ReListen app is a great place to find live shows and I still use too.

Inside we got a new Sony TV for Christmas and splurged on the Sony sound bar and subwoofer to go with it. Through Bluetooth I connect to my computer and can play everything I have in the house through these speakers. Sounds incredible. Better than having a stereo bc it doesn't take up much space and I have two 2 TB external hard drives with more music than I'll ever have time to listen to!


several of my friends have the UE Boom speaker cylinder shaped, they always work great and sound great

yesterday at the pool celebrating the 4th of july by friend brough a new Bose Revolve, it sounded even better!


you may also want to consider Google Cast if you'd like to use your phone in conjunction with your home stereo

I have a cheap Twist bluetooth speaker I throw in a beach bag and use outside, has solid sound and gets plenty loud

It's rechargeable and you're not going to get upset if it hits the deck or gets beer on it.
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for my first-ever bluetooth speaker, i recently bought a bose soundlink color II.   tried a cheaper sony at first, but returned it after one day.  love the bose, only complaint is the battery could last a bit longer at high volume.


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Sound is great, and it looks cool.


I have the Bose Soundlink Mini and I love it.  Sound is great for such a small little speaker.


Second the UE Boom.  I listen to my music in two volumes:  loud or off.  This does the job.

It's supposedly waterproof or at least one of the models is.  I read about a guy kayaking with it and he capsized.  The speaker was completely submerged in water and still worked like new.


The Demer Box! It's a great indestructible, waterproof speaker with Bluetooth.