Tourists to all-inclusive resorts in Mexico suspect they were given tainted alco

Started by ditty, Jul 20, 2017, 10:46 am

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I feel a need to share this.  Of course, I know people overindulge at these "all inclusive" locations, but this is concerning!

"A 2015 report from Mexico's Tax Administration Service found that 43% of all the alcohol consumed in the nationis illegal, produced under unregulated circumstances resulting in potentially dangerous concoctions."

"They have happened at Iberostar's property in Cancun and at the company's cluster of resorts 30 miles to the south in Playa del Carmen. And they've happened to guests at other all-inclusive resorts in the region, such as Secrets and the Grand Oasis."

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Damn. That IS concerning. Resorts rub me the wrong way in a lot of regards.. I know, I know, that there is money involved, and often the money goes to poor countries that couldn't otherwise obtain it.. However the entire trip feels really exploitative and fake to me. This isn't a jab at OBH- which is a concert event, but resorts in general. If I travel to a country I want to experience its culture- not live in America while enjoying the climate of another country..