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Started by Murph, Sep 21, 2017, 10:09 am

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I'm heading to Nashville tonight for a 4 day weekend for my 30th bday.  What are some of the must-see/do's???  Any advice helps!  THanks in advance...


Eat at Martin's BBQ, few locations around town
Fido for breakfast/brunch:  (don't be put off by the long lines. it goes pretty fast and is worth it. this is a spot we hit on every trip)

Coffee at Crema


First time I went to Nashville was to see 2 shows at The Ryman. If you've never been you should see about getting in there during the day just to check it out.

also, it looks like it'll be nice outside. this is something cool  you should check out during the day. plus it's real close to Fido if you end up going there to eat:


Very cool.  Thank you! 

I've heard East Nashville is the place to hang out these days.  Anyone know anything about that?


Prince's Hot Chicken. Cash only.

second the Crema rec for coffee.


I've been around in East Nashville a few times. Five Points Pizza is a good spot to eat and there's plenty of bars around there.

I always go to Nashville for shows so my nights are planned out more and I've not hung out in any of the bars.

there's plenty of non-country music going on too. Exit/In is a cool small music venue. maybe somebody good is playing?

Fido and The Parthenon are over by Vanderbilt. I like that part of town.

Mr. White

Grimey's Record Store
1604 8th Avenue South Nashville, TN
Mon-Fri 11am-8pm
Saturdays 10am-8pm
Sundays 1pm-6pm
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Mr. White

The Basement (under Grimey's) - Live Music Venue


The Basement East - Live Music Venue
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Having gone over 4th of July week, which ended with the great show at the Ascend Amphitheater, here's what I recommend:
  Country Music Hall Of Fame
  Ryman Auditorium Tour
  Check out one of the music bars / venues on Broadway
  Five Points Pizza in East Nashville
  Get some Hot chicken - we ate at Pepperfire because Prince's was closed
  Third Man Records store
  For kitsch value alone, Cooter's store / museum (& the Willie Nelson museum next door)
  Nelson's Green Brier Distillery tour
  Bakersfield, Nashville restaurant
  Hemingway's Bar & Hideaway (a truly hidden gem!)
  And for me, being from California, Waffle House (it's my favorite and
      the nearest one to me is in Phoenix)
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which day is your birthday? Mine is this weekend too.


We've always been told to go to Pharmacy in East Nashville for great burgers. Tried to get in and just couldn't wait an hour plus for a burger, so I've never tried it.

My only complaint about Nashville is that there just aren't enough restaurants for the amount of people there. Every place that's ever been recommended to us has had at least an hour wait on a weekend night, and doesn't take reservations! Saturday and Sunday for brunch too.

I've said I could move there and open a restaurant next to any of the popular restaurants and be instantly successful just bc of overflow...


Grimeys!!  Of course.   

Thanks for all the inside info everyone.  My bday is on Monday, 9/25. 


Quote from: Murph on Sep 21, 2017, 04:50 pm
Grimeys!!  Of course.   

Thanks for all the inside info everyone.  My bday is on Monday, 9/25. 

nice. Mine's 9/24.

have a great time!