Posters For Sale (see "Guidelines" at top of thread)

Started by johnnYYac, Sep 28, 2017, 06:07 PM

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Posters For Sale Guidelines

  • Include poster title, following this format: band city two-digit year artist last name

    example:  My Morning Jacket Iowa City 18 Burwell    :wink:

  • Description (1st run, AP, color variant, foil, etc.)

  • Condition (pictures of damage would be helpful)

  • Asking price (including shipping in tube with insurance) with optional "or best offer"

  • Links to Expresso Beans or other gig poster websites, specific to the poster for sale.

  • Preferred contact (Forum PM, email, phone number, etc.)

  • An image of the poster, either the one for sale or a reasonable facsimile

Forum members may list posters for sale on eBay or similar sites, using the same guidelines as above and including a link to the eBay posting.

Be fair with pricing if using the Forum.

By definition, we are all fans of My Morning Jacket and this place cannot be another place on the interwebs for someone to make a buck off of another person's passion.

If you're trying to flip or make money, use eBay and keep it off the Forum, please.
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Great job John!  :thumbsup:

I've got a couple I'm thinking about selling but would never look to make money on. These guidelines will help keep the posters in the family, and you can be sure mine will only go for face or at worst what I paid for them.

Great idea to make this thread and those guidelines look pretty good to me .  :beer:
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I'd love to hear what posters you guys may want to part with. Trying to make MMJ my first poster in my new office.


My Morning Jacket - Morrison - 15 - Reno

Hi-  I am looking for the 2015 Red Rocks poster...  I know it is kind of a long shot, but any help would be appreciated!



Anyone selling the recent Raleigh Mumford? Would look nice next to my other mumfords. Thanks


Quote from: Fartsmakemegiggle on Apr 27, 2022, 08:31 AMAnyone selling the recent Raleigh Mumford? Would look nice next to my other mumfords. Thanks

the APs are still available on dan's site here
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