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Ken Burns - The Vietnam War - 2017 Documentary - PBS


Mr. White:
Been making my wife watch this with me. She's not from America and only knew a little about this war. I was born in 1966, and I was aware of this war as a young child to a pretty high degree. However, like Ken Burns says about his own knowledge, I was embarrassed and a bit ashamed at which details I didn't know. Glad he did this for us.

My dad has been watching this, and when I talk with him about it he says nothing but good things about the documentary, and says nothing but bad things about us being over there.

Sadly, empire building never seems to end.

I'm on episode 7, really good stuff, as usual from Ken Burns.

I watched the original run.  I was so captivated and disturbed at what I was learning.

Mr. White:
Still can't get over the fact that our government predicted the war would be a failure even before escalating it. Unreal.


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