Tribute to 2 - new Jim covers album

Started by parkervb, Oct 30, 2017, 09:12 am

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This album is beautiful.

It's out at a great time too - holiday season when emotions and memories are vivid. He's channelled something pure and special here.


Quote from: mdgsolo on Dec 12, 2017, 11:32 pm
Got my Tribute To tonight. Too bad I also ordered the Tribute To 2...

Seems like a warehouse pull error but no one at ATO has responded yet

hey they did the same thing to me!
some get stoned, some get strange, sooner or later it all gets real.


Have given this a few listens now but not much is really grabbing me. Eternally Even was a start-finish musical feast for the ears but this just passes by without me paying much attention, I've never been a big fan of acoustic/minimal stuff though. Dare I say it also comes across as a bit self indulgent :lipsrsealed:

That being said I do like Lucky Man and I have a lot of time for Blue Skies.

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