Jim's top 5 Neil Young songs

Started by Murph, Nov 09, 2017, 01:28 pm

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Great choices! I often play the favorite Neil songs game and "Don't Be Denied" is ALWAYS in there. Would never have thought to include "Hey Babe" in there, but that pedal steel instantly came into my head upon reading Jim's description, and he's bang on. The musical definition of love indeed.


Jim went mostly obscure as I would expect from him.  I had a Comes A Time moment similar to his but from the audience, at a Bridge School show one year, too, when Neil opened the show with it. It hit a deep emotional spiritual place in me and I was weeping those tears that are a mix of sadness, grief, joy and release.  A peak moment for sure.

If I were going for the non-hits, lesser known songs, I'd pick:

I Believe In You
Barstool Blues
When You Dance I Can Really Love

For the obvious and well known:

Helpless (from The Last Waltz)
After The Gold Rush
Cowgirl In The Sand
Cortez The Killer

"Some like their water shallow, I like mine deep"


Like a Hurricane has always been my favorite Neil shred, if not favorite shred of anyone. MMJ totally made me reassess my favorites, and I am so pleased Jim sees the same thing in LAH that I always did. He carries the spirit of that guitar work better than anyone in my opinion.


I would have thought he would have put "Harvest Moon" in there.

I do for sure.


I really don't know Neil that well, and this inspired me to dig deep over the weekend listening to those five songs and a few others.  I didn't realize just how many albums he has and how much music he has put out over the decades.  And he is still going with a new one coming out soon with Promise of the Real. 


I love Mr.Young! Can't stop listening to these two songs- On the Beach and Razor Love! Enjoy sweet friends!!
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