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His Master's Voice

Started by meltingaway, Nov 30, 2017, 02:02 pm

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I recently saw the movie, "Three Billboards in Ebbing, Missouri", and "His Master's Voice" was part of the soundtrack. It was played during a crazy, powerful scene with Sam Rockwell. As you might well imagine, the scene was greatly enhanced by that wonderful song, imo. I loved this movie and I have always loved that song. I totally recommend this movie maaan. I must admit, I shed a little man tear during that scene (actually I was bawling like a baby, and had to leave the theater, which created a bit of a scene--jk, but I could see that happening). Movies with great music really affect me. My dream job: be the person who designs/produces soundtracks.

Wish I could find a clip of the scene on youtube or somewhere, but I'm sure it'll be available soon enough. But here's a link to this MOF classic, and you can see a few people/commenters that are there b/c they saw the movie, yada yada yada:


Thanks for tip!  Been wanting to see that movie anyway, now I really do!
I'm digging, digging deep in myself, but who needs a shovel when you have a little boy like mine.


Love this song. Seeing Jim play it during an encore at his solo ACL Taping in 2013 was spiritual experience.
Mona Lisa must'a had the highway blues, you can tell by the way she smiles.

Jackets N Pones

Calling ouuuuuuut

Thanks I will check this movie out
Put on my robot face


great movie and soundtrack.

dookie shoot bandit

Excellent movie!!
And great placement of this beautiful song


I just saw the movie last night at home with my son and had no idea the song was coming.  What an incredible surprise :shocked:  I love that song.  Very powerful.


I saw this movie recently also.  Excellent movie!!  It was cool to hear this song during it.  I knew the song was coming at some point but didn't know what scene.  Hearing it got me excited and kind of took me out of the heavy moment for a second.


I was going to watch this movie on my flight to OBH but didn't want to pay for it.  Added to my netflix queue.  On youtube there is the scene with the song out there for those wondering.  Easy to find but didn't want to post the link and spoil for others.  Thanks for sharing.