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John Prine & Sturgill Simpson

Started by crooney, Dec 06, 2017, 02:12 pm

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howdy folks.  just saw that john prine and sturgill simpson are playing together at radio city music hall in nyc on april 13th.  opening show of mr. prine's spring tour.

a dream show for me.  pre-sale starts today.  i did some digging and was able to find a pre-sale code.  it's 'vulcan'.  grab some tix because it will sell out fast.  public sale starts friday.

long live john prine!


I will most certainly be at this show also. Thanks for the presale code!


Truly an incredible show.  First off I had no idea what an incredible guitarist Sturgill is.. but honestly I wish I had the words to describe the magic that is seeing John Prine play these songs.  Leaving the venue there was a real collective high, everyone seemed pretty aware that they just witnessed a living legend at the top of his game.

Thank god for John Prine!!

Mr. White

I've got tickets to see John Prine twice on this tour (never seen him perform live before but did meet him at a little restaurant in Muhlenberg Co., Kentucky - where I'm from - when I was a pre-teen back in the mid to late 1970's).

I'm taking my wife to see him in Beaver Dam, Kentucky (birthplace of Bill Monroe) on 5/11/2018 (her birthday).

I'm taking my brother to see him at the Louisville Palace Theater on 6/8/2018.
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Sturgill came out and did a bunch of songs with him.  Brandi Carlisle came out also and did a few songs with him.  Also saw later on instagram that Jack White was there watching the show


Amen Murph!  Was there last night and that was just a killer show.  Sturgill helping out on Prine's 'Pretty Good' was near perfect for me.  'Lake Marie' by Prine was also just magic.  A show that is definitely up there for me...