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December 8th 1980

Started by ericm, Dec 08, 2017, 09:01 am

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An incredibly sad day in music history.  :cry:

It is one of those "remember where you were when" moments in a persons life that you'll never forget.

Me, I was at a Springsteen show at the Spectrum in Philadelpia and will never forget the ride home with WMMR FM simulcasting from outside the Dakota. For about the first twenty minutes we had no idea what was going on as all we heard were people singing Give Peace a Chance. Finally a DJ broke in and announced what happened and what we were hearing.

RIP John, you were taken way too soon.
"Where's Jim going?"

Mr. White

My Morning Jacket - Give Peace A Chance - 8/12/2017

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Nice one Mr. White.

I was there for this and was thinking about it when I made my post this morning. Definitely a highlight of the show even if it was the opener. Pretty cool they walked off to a reprise of it as well.  :thumbsup:
"Where's Jim going?"