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Re: 1st Bank Center 12/29/2017
« Reply #80 on: Dec 30, 2017, 08:23 PM »
Still working on the recording from last night. Had a slight issue with mine after the processing finished so I need to start over. Hopefully this will hold you over until I'm done.

Not feeling great so I'm going to couch tour the Phish show tonight. Not sure if I can finish this up before the show starts, but hopefully during set break.

One taper last night was sick, but I think he's better today so he'll be taking my spot tonight. Two other tapers were there last night and will also be there tonight and tomorrow (so 3 tapers each night). All of them have insane setups (also completely different), so I'm sure the next 2 nights will sound great. A few of them are from out of state so I wouldn't expect recordings to be shared for at least a few days after the new year.

Have fun for anyone going tonight. I might come back on the 31st, but no recording for me that night.

This sounds fucking amazing, thank you! Can't wait to hear the whole thing! Fantastic separation and none of that boomy sound you find on most arena tapings. Well done!

Yeah. They did the PA in that room right. Best sounding arena I've recorded in. Every recording I've made there sounds great.

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Re: 1st Bank Center 12/29/2017
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My Morning Jacket "Golden" 12/29/17 Broomfield, Colorado
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