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12-30-17 1st Bank: Steam>The First Time - Sound Board for Waterfall Donations?

Started by NCmapper, Jan 15, 2018, 09:26 am

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Hi Everyone.

Thank you so much for all the excellent tapes of each of the NYE shows.  Our NC crew had such an amazing time and met lots of new friends from all over.  Hard to put those nights down and I've basically being playing on any stereo that crosses my path every since.....!

Had a random thought on my way to work.  If the broken section of Steam and the small hiss after the break was unaffected through the sound board I would love to trade for donations (more donations  :cool:) to the Waterfall Project?  Perhaps not possible but thought I would throw that out there to the group.  And Mr. Light Man if you are listening......OMFG what an amazing show.  Felt like I was teleported through space and time to another part of the universe!

Regardless, still F'in amazing sound.  Just such a special moment that I would like to play at 11 everyday for the next 50 years.  Hope we can all meet up again at least once this year.  Best to all and Happy 2018 and MLK Day!