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JJ on KCRW 1-17-18

Started by gasp, Jan 17, 2018, 01:13 am

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Quote from: Stevie on Jan 18, 2018, 04:04 pm
his "scorching" comment was in reference to his musical cravings at the time, and while he did make a reference to the hope that mmj could get together and find the time in the studio to capture that feeling.  If that didnt happen (and i dont think it did), its possible that he pushed that feeling into his solo arena.

Im curious about the other waterfall material.  So far, we have heard two songs (first time and magic bullet) out of that grouping and i wonder if they were selected for single release due to their disposability (maybe they wanted to save the good stuff for a proper album release) OR because they feel thy are two of the better ones.  I really enjoyed First Time at NYE but Magic Bullet has always been very boring to me, as well as lower quality compared to everything else they have made.  If they are not super excited about the tracks maybe it's better saved for a record store day thing down the line.  If they are really excited about it then that's another thing but I have to wonder why it hasn't been released already if that's the case. 

From the Rolling Stone Interview I posted above.. I know in another article he used "scorching" to describe what he wanted to do as well.

You say your creative mindset has changed. What exactly do you mean?

I don't really even know. It's so weird. It's kinda similar to the solo thing. With this record, all these songs popped out together - they joined hands and jumped out of the airplane together. I don't even know why. I was writing other songs, and all these songs of a certain type jumped out and said they wanted to be the core of the next Jacket record. There's something propulsive or rock & roll about them.

That's how it feels now. But as I know from past records, I can't even say that's how it'll end up. You'll walk in with these rock & roll songs, and you'll walk out with a record of the saddest, dreamiest ballads. You never know what's actually gonna happen when you get down to recording, and that's one of the most fun things about it.
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I believe that Magic Bullet and First Time are not part of the 2nd album. I think First Time was purely a song written for Roadies tv show and that's it, and i think Magic Bullet was written/recorded/released in response to some violent current events that were happening at the time.
I agree neither fit into the theme of Waterfall if, in fact, this second album is a continuation of The Waterfall.
Now Throwback is an interesting song in that I don't believe we've gotten a studio release of that song yet but have been treated to some killer live version, and although i don't feel as though that song particularly fits with the Waterfall theme either, i would happier to see that as part of the new studio album than the other two above.
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Jim confirmed in a a few interviews "The First Time" & "Magic Bullet" were from The Waterfall (one is below). He said something along the lines of them dropping stuff from that album here or there. With magic bullet it just made sense due to the topical nature.

To me, The First Time is very similar to Only Memories Remain & I imagine that is why it didn't make The Waterfall as they'd pick one or the other for that album.

Edit - From Rolling Stone Interview

After all the terrible shootings and stuff that happened, I wrote this song called "Magic Bullet," which was something we did during The Waterfall that we released a few months back as this kind of violence-awareness, "stop the violence" song. There's a song called "The First Time" that we recorded - I ended up working with that for the soundtrack to Cameron Crowe's show Roadies. A couple of those things have seen the light of day.

lolol welp, shows how much i know..

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I have higher hopes for their next album than what Magic Bullet and The First Time bring to me.  If Waterfall 2 is a sequel like a sequel to movie, which rarely compares favorably to the original, that also reduces my hopes.  Like Stevie said, a record store day thing if the band isn't stoked about some songs could be cool.  Those songs are fine, but if those are the cream of the crop then I'm with jttouch2 and not so optimistic.  On the other hand, like MMJTIX said, Throwback is quite different and could be part of something great.  If that scorching feeling made it to JJ solo, then bring on that album ASAP.


So there's a finished live album, a mostly finished album from the waterfall sessions, a new jim album, and a scorching group of songs that want to be the core of the next mmj album. 

I now understand why they arent touring this year.  That's a lot to figure out. 


Quote from: Stevie on Jan 19, 2018, 11:33 am
So there's a finished live album, a mostly finished album from the waterfall sessions, a new jim album, and a scorching group of songs that want to be the core of the next mmj album. 

I now understand why they arent touring this year.  That's a lot to figure out. 

yes, that and the fact that Bo is working for Roger Waters all year
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Thanks for sharing this. I personally would love a solo tour that features an all acoustic set and then an electric set.