Punta Cana beaches infected?!

Started by mdgsolo, Jan 30, 2018, 12:05 pm

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I sure hope someone at Cloud 9 will address this and wether or not the Hard Rock is affected..


I'm sure the Hard Rock treats the sand with tons of chemicals!  So everything should be good  :undecided:


they are aware...IM with C9

Ola.  Has Cloud 9 been in contact with the Hard Rock Punta Cana to check beach conditions https://www.cnn.com/2018/01/30/health/worms-feet-vacation/index.html ?  Gracious
Customer Support:
We are aware of the story circulating regarding the young couple contracting a parasite while in the DR.  While we think it is important that everyone be mindful of minor risks associated with traveling in the tropics we feel confident that the beaches and grounds at the Hard Rock are safe.  We also recommend that if you choose to do an excursion or tour that you wear socks and closed toed shoes.
Customer Support:
The hotel that the couple was staying at is very different than the Hard Rock
Customer Support:
The Hard Rock is not the same beach and they take care of their grounds very well
OK, thank you.  I know I will bring water shoes but there are some wondering if the Hard Rock has specifically checked, thank you!
Customer Support:
They are also very aware and are taking measures to be sure that everyone is safe.
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agreed that very low risk for us at HR - hook worms likely only if you literally step in dog or other animal shit with no shoes on.  I'm guessing that couple was at a shady resort and/or walking on beaches that aren't cleaned up regularly
What's in here won't disappear


Well, I sure wish I had never seen those photos.   :huh: LOL


Quote from: longshanks on Jan 30, 2018, 05:01 pm
Well, I sure wish I had never seen those photos.   :huh: LOL

You're welcome!  ;-)


Wife sent me those this morning. Eek!

Yolo! ;)


And I thought I only had to deal with hangover migranes


Quote from: Nelstone on Feb 13, 2018, 03:08 am
And I thought I only had to deal with hangover migranes

Well, they say, "if your feet are cold, put on a hat" so I don't know why having worms in your feet wouldn't take the headache out of a hangover..


be careful everyone, still lots of time before the shows, hopefully this shit clears out
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