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OBH4-Don’t forget....

Started by Zutroy, Feb 24, 2018, 04:52 pm

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1. To deal with your cellular provider and get an international travel pass. $10 per day from Verizon or att but you need to set it up. FYI the data plan that covered me in Cancun last year didn't apply to DR

2. Lots of singles for tips

3. Probiotics and Imodium

4. ReHydration/hangover stuff (RecoverORS), sunscreen, aloe, Advil

5. HydraFlask or similar cup

6. Good vibes

What am I forgetting?



We are bringing our own floats for the lazy river, stuff for the Positive Legacy donation (20 bucks at the Dollar store goes a long ways!) And Poster tubes that will be filled with beer for the huge beer share! Does anyone know if bug spray is really needed? you


Quote from: werduga on Feb 25, 2018, 08:17 am
Does anyone know if bug spray is really needed?

I took bug spray last year and never used it. I didn't go on any excursions off the resort (and don't plan to this year either). I may toss the small spray bottle in my bag again, but if I run out of space it could get dropped.