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Ray LaMontagne - Part Of The Light

Started by JDUB, May 18, 2018, 09:14 am

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I have a commitment to coaching a weekend long swim meet the night he's coming to Cleveland.  The fact that Neko is opening makes me even more bummed I have to miss his show.  Saw the Ouroboros tour with the boys and that show was killer!


Went to the show last night in Boston and it was simply incredible. Jammy, therapeutic, trippy  and soothing all in one.
As another post mentioned Carl just goes off during the last 7 or so songs.
Rays voice is just superb, raspy and innocent, might be my favorite voice in music next to Chris Robinson. Carl also harmonizes with Ray on almost every song.
Two complaints if any, Ray was born to strum an acoustic, the songs where he plays electric are just not as good to me. Second, I was expecting some heavy pedal steel from Carl but he only played it once during 'Ojai' which also happened to be my favorite tune of the night.
Overall excellent and highly recommended, I honestly might go again tonight.

Somebody took some decent vids of one of the shows and posted them. These were easily my two favorite tunes from the tour. 'Pick up a Gun' and "Ojai'.