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Carl solo this fall

Started by APR, Jul 25, 2018, 09:36 am

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Looks like Carl is on the bill for Marcus King's hometown festival tonight and tomorrow in North Carolina.
"Some like their water shallow, I like mine deep"


See the last sentence..... maybe special guests during the Nashville show. 


Quote from: rab7607 on Oct 01, 2018, 11:37 am
Carl and Steelism put on a great show in Pittsburgh last night. The highlight for me was 4th of July - Pink Moon - 4th of July. The new album stuff was very good, which I have not heard up until that point since I thought I bought the vinyl during presale, but must not have, oops.  Steelism were tight and were great backing Carl. This show was also sparsely attended like the reports from the other shows, maybe 50-60 people there, but they played like it was to a full house. There was a little girl with "Carl Side 4 Ever" on her shirt, which I totally agree with.

I was at the pittsburgh show too - maybe 50 people total in a venue with a capacity of 587. It was a Sunday night (with a Steelers/Ravens home game) but I was still hoping for a few more in the crowd, and it sounds like attendance in general hasn't been great. But what a show! Carl and Steelism made it feel more like a private show than an poorly-attended one, and new songs sound even better in a live setting. And yes - the 4th > Pink Moon > 4th was an incredible ending to a great night of music!

We talked with Carl for a bit afterward, and he couldn't have been more approachable and personable - he really seems to be enjoying himself on this tour. We're heading to Cleveland to see him at the Grog Shop, and I'd expect a better turnout there with it being a Friday and a pretty well-known local venue. Either way I know we'll get an epic show!