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Free JJ show in LA

Started by gasp, Jul 30, 2018, 07:51 pm

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Seems they like him at KCRW. Free show is a great deal. 



anybody catch the setlist?
I didn't make it out


Really enjoyed the show although I prefer his new songs with the full band.
He played solo electric for the whole show and it was Mostly new songs from Uniform Distortion plus I'm Amazed and Here in Spirit and ended with a nice cover of Love and Mercy!  I can't recall the exact setlist right now.

He highly recommended the movie BlackKklansman and played a little of one of the songs from it and also mentioned that he hoped that change was coming in the world and was essentially telling everyone to get to work making that happen.

Mr. White

Jenn Stamm has 5 very short clips of songs from this show on her Instagram. Here's a link to her page.
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