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Jim James - Nov. 1 at the Belly Up, Solana Beach (San Diego)

Started by WickedMessenger, Aug 21, 2018, 06:00 pm

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An Evening with Jim James Solo Tour

Already travelling up to LA for the Friday show, but this is a nice bonus near home! Great local venue that holds about 600. 

Anybody receive an artist presale?



There's just some magical venues in this world of ours.  We, with the help of the record industry can collectively kill the album but live music just keeps getting bigger and bigger and the demand is so high.

It's a golden age for touring, that's for sure . Look at the 3 hour shows Guns n roses and Pearl Jam are doing, the 2 and a half hour Metallica shows (who I hope to see in November) , smashing pumpkins with the 3/4 reunion and most importantly Jimmy Chamberlain back on drums and they're playing 3 hour shows, Phish was doing it earlier, Dead and Co, the Stones have even played 2018 shows, Aerosmith announcing their Las Vegas residency, The Jacket boys fanning out and spreading their gospel. forgetting a lot more.... point is itd be great to see the band back on the scene at such a big time in live music.  I long for this band . I have been listening to other bands and things like that, but I still return and find myself wanting...needing more... while still insanely grateful for what this band has given us already. I just wanna see these guys again and again.

  But the Jim solo tour I'm going to should be fantastic .  Got tickets for Carl four or five days before too.  I'm very humbled and honored that both of them are coming through SLC in the same week and Jim on my birthday. I hope everyone gets out to these shows and displays the intense love and dedication we have for their art and humanity.  We need these guys speaking truth in a time of lies.

Go to these shows, tell them how much we love and appreciate everyone of them . Vote and support with your wallet.  As mine has gotten a bit fatter, I've tried to donate to certain humanitarian things and giving to this band is a humanitarian cause in and of itself.

Miss the action around here.
Love, peace and Jacket vibes
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