20th Anniversary of Tennessee Fire

Started by rkwedge, Aug 27, 2018, 06:19 pm

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Just downloaded it last night. I hear Shannon Hoon in so many of these tunes, it's wild. Really hoping they pull some rarities forth into the present and make them as wild as they have the rest of the album. I like listening to it with that in mind. Can I imagine what this would sound like in it's current incarnation???? Any ideas????
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Close enough!


Revisiting The Tennessee Fire 20 years later, there is still nothing that sounds like it. This isn't always a good thing--the album is lo-fi to a fault, several of the songs are structurally immature, and the band's sound screams potential, but the eventual catharsis of later albums such as It Still Moves and Z is missing. But this is a debut album (a naive and scattered one at that), and for that My Morning Jacket score extra points--it is all here, dusty and unpolished, rough but overtly charming, a prequel to a modern day rock 'n' roll story which felt like a fable from the start.

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some of these bonus songs are insane. Flew In On A Dead Horse isn't a favorite but so cool to listen to, All This Joy is soooooo good. Gifts could be shimmered with Carldust right now and sound so cool. The reverb is calling Jim.

This is so good. They are going to start spoiling us even more I think, too.
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