for the love of god, RELEASE THE CHICAGO SHOWS.

Started by big_hungry_joe, Jan 05, 2009, 06:28 PM

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You guys got me all excited...when I saw this thread had reappeared I thought that the Chicago Shows had been I need to go change my shorts. >:(


QuoteWhile I desperately want these shows if this delay means it may be some sort of official recording that would be the tops and I would be okay with waiting. There is nothing I hate more than listening to poor quality live shows and a fuckin soundboard from 2 (or combinacion of 2) nights of knock you down MMJ from shows I was at would be amazing, I would finally know how the Okonokos crowd feels!
Since when did you ever hear a bootleg soundboard recording? Those don't get released...

I should have been more clear. There are FM/XM sourced shows, some great SBD mixes out there and excellent video rips, here are some:

Those sets are the the quality I prefer, 9 times out of 10 I don't care to listen to a fuzzy, audience loud recording. I think it is sick that there are people out there that document just about every live show and I thank them greatly.



They have to be doing something with them! A proper release would be my dream come true.


Two of the best shows I have ever had the good fortune to see.  I really hope we get to hear them again one day.
if it falls apart or makes us millionaires


i saw a taper night 1 about 20 rows back center aisle. also someone from a different board claimed his buddy taped both shows and he would be putting them up soon- that was 10 months ago.

i recently contacted him to see whats up. i will keep yall posted, if i end up tracking these shows down i will mediafire it or b&p


if it falls apart or makes us millionaires


Absolutely would love to get a recording of this show!!!
The river's long... it is cold. It chills the body but not the soul.


Psst.  MMJ.  This would make a great Christmas present to your fans...


I'll echo that, an official release of those 2 shows would be amazing.


hard to believe these shows were a year ago.

my first and only two MMJ shows so far, and i would love to hear them again.

an official release would be the best christmas present ever!!!

anyone think there's actually a chance of these getting a release?


for the 1 year anniversary.  Come on please surface...

sorry if anyone got excited to see this at the top  :( >:( :( :'( :'( :'(
Y'all got any disco ball back there?


Because we're all in this together...


being from louisville I thought the 5 hour drive wouldnt be too bad..
well the weather the night before froze all of 65north causing massive accidents. took us nearly 13 hours to get to our hotel.  lol  The good thing is now i know mmj is worth a 13 hour drive.  This opens me up to see lots more shows that otherwise i wouldve thought were too far away. ;D
Y'all got any disco ball back there?


Big Hungry Joe, I have a feeling that they sometime will post them on as well as Chicago 2015 because they never posted Beacon Run from Thanksgiving 2015 until they posted on Thanksgiving 2022