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11/02 setlist Cathedral Sanctuary at Immanuel Presbyterian

Started by gasp, Nov 04, 2018, 12:34 am

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The World's Smiling Now
All in Your Head
Hillside Song
Just a Fool
New World Coming
Yes to Everything
A New Life
No Use Waiting
Rainbow Power
We Ain't Getting Any Younger
Same Old Lie
Too Good to be True
Bermuda Highway
Steam Engine
No Secrets

Over and Over w/ Alynda Segarra
You Get to Rome
Changing World
I'm Amazed
State of the Art
Here in Spirit

The Cathedral Sanctuary has the best acoustics I've ever experienced, every word, every note was crystal clear and thankfully, no whoopin n hollerin from the audience during the show. Opener Alynda Segarra, great songs, love her voice.
It's ear-opening to hear JJ rework songs, highlight for me was Steam Engine, where, along with the lyrics, Jim sang the musical parts, if that makes any sense. It was gorgeous! Fingers crossed a vid shows up. the moon


Thanks for the report.   It sounds like it was a terrific night.   I can't help myself from looking at the setlists even though I'd kind of like to be surprised when I see JJ in DC.