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Booking Fee

Started by jttouch2, Nov 05, 2018, 10:26 am

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Any idea what MMJ pulls for a booking fee? I was thinking about it but answers from other parts of the internet (google) seemed to vary


They're listed as $100,001 - $200,000 looking at a sheet from 2015, I know it's a rather large price range...My wife booked Grace Potter that year for an event and their fee was $165,000 so I would expect MMJ to be closer to $200,000 if not more now.


so many factors in play - their street ask for shows building the backbone of a tour will vary greatly from a "fill-in" date booked between cities during the same tour - and festival bookings are another animal altogether.  suffice to say, they are doing just fine either way and earn every penny
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and remember thy have to share that with a lot of different people in their circle from crew to management to lawyers etc upon etc lights, sound, techs, drivers etc. the band deserve more!!! If i was a millionaire i would book MMJ for three nights every year at a very trippy mountain location at a house of my friend's with its amazing view . this is too cheap of a price. but compared to lots of other artists, the Jacket are killin. next time they come back, they'll be selling out every goddamn show.
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