Favorite inspirations for/stories behind songs/albums?

Started by cerie, Nov 12, 2018, 04:35 pm

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Hi, everybody--I just hopped on the MMJ train and am really digging their stuff. What makes some of it especially beautiful to me are the stories behind the music...what inspired it, y'know? What are all of your favorite MMJ songs and their inspirations? Which stories behind the music speaks to you?

Mr. White

This is their full performance on VH1's Storytellers from 2/24/2011. Jim explains several song origins and inspirations. Dondante is probably the one with the deepest and saddest history.
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Perfect Mr. White, I was looking for that to give him/her the link.
Welcome to the train cerie.
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OMG this is incredible. I was crying when he was talking about his friend who committed suicide. Thank you guys so much for sharing this with me. Are there any places where he describes inspiration behind the albums? I love their versatility and am so curious as to how these ideas are sparked/where they come from.