In appreciation of the tapers...

Started by parkervb, Nov 21, 2018, 10:18 am

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this is a great article

thanks to our tapers (or recordists) that are so great with the Jacket recordings
Don't you ever turn it off


Love this read. Thanks for posting!!

Quick story to share:

1979 Hampton, Va to see the Dead.  I was among the first one's in. In comes a guy with a leg cast and a girl wearing a skirt, not uncommon at Dead shows, he pulls the mics out of his cast and she lifts up her skirt and has a Sony D5 taped to her inner thigh.

Amazing what these folks do and have done so we can all enjoy the music forever.

Thanks all you peeps!  <3
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Tapers - Brent Stober & Brian Porter after the Jim Solo Show at the Louisville Palace on Wednesday, November 21, 2018

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That is hilarious searchingbig.

I used to love sending blank Maxell cassettes plus a SASE and getting recordings back in the mail.   I got a ton of Pearl Jam shows in the 90s thanks to some great tapers.  It was so fun to get the mail back waiting to get back tapes that I had tapes floating around the country.